UC Davis Today: Celebrating black families, history

Portrait of black toddler with face paint

Honoring black families and history

Celebrating the richness and depth of black culture and history, UC Davis will hold an events-packed Black Family Week during Feb. 10-15.

Sponsored by the Cross Cultural Center, Black Family Week recognizes the history and presence of African Americans on campus and beyond. The theme for this year is, “Our Story: Remembering Our Past, Appreciating Our Present, Reclaiming Our Future.”

The weeklong celebration will feature educational, social, 
cultural and artistic programs. Looking ahead, the campus will hold Black Family Day on Saturday, May 18.

Black Family Week and Black Family Day represent two of the many cultural awareness events that the Cross Cultural Center presents each year. Others are dedicated to the celebration of Native Americans, Asians and Pacific Islanders, Chicano/Latinos and people of mixed heritage.

Families, cultures and histories are highlighted throughout the year at UC Davis as part of our commitment to campus diversity. In the photo, a young visitor to the 2012 Black Family Week celebration sports a football on her cheek after a visit to the face painting station. (Martin Wong/UC Davis photo)

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