UC Davis Today: Top-flight major: mechanical and aerospace engineering

College student examines gyroscope

Top-flight major: mechanical and aerospace engineering

The mechanical and aerospace major at UC Davis is among the highest ranked in its field, offering students a strong foundation for future success in a fast-changing, complex world.

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering provides students a unique and innovative curriculum. Undergraduates can study toward a bachelor of science degree in: mechanical engineering; aerospace science and engineering; a double major in both of these disciplines; or a combined major in mechanical engineering and materials science.

Guided by leading faculty—such as former astronaut Stephen Robinson—students take advantage of learning opportunities that include clubsresearch, design competitions, internships and classroom projects. In particular, engineering undergraduates are active in several competitive extracurricular design projects involving the Robotics Club, the Formula Hybrid race car research team, the Advanced Modeling and Aeronautics Club and the Human Powered Vehicle group.

In addressing some of our nation’s foremost technical challenges, mechanical and aerospace engineering graduates are helping to improve the quality of everyday life. Thanks to UC Davis’ offering of more than 100 majors, students have a wide range of opportunities to grow, learn and achieve in their chosen careers. 

Sean Raley, who is majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering, takes a close look at his gyroscope in a UC Davis engineering lab where students are competing for the longest spinning gyroscope. Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis photo

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