UC Davis Today: Creating a healthier world through bold innovation

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Creating a healthier world through bold innovation

Physicians and scientists in the UC Davis Health System are at the forefront of national efforts to bring the latest research discoveries to patients in Northern California and around the globe.

  • Surgeons at the Eye Center were among the first in the nation to implant a miniature telescope to restore vision for a local artist with advanced macular degeneration. With the implant, images are magnified two to three times their normal size and are projected onto a healthy portion of the back of the eye.
  • Pediatric critical care specialists at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital are among the few in the nation with an extracorporeal life support program. The award-winning program offers one of the most advanced forms of life support for infants, children and in some cases adults, who are experiencing acute failure of the cardiac and respiratory systems. The device does the work of the heart and lungs, artificially oxygenating and purifying the blood and returning it to the body, allowing the patient's heart and lungs to rest and heal.
  • Oncologists at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center are using personalized approaches to cancer care, evaluating a patient’s genetic makeup to select chemotherapy drugs that will have the best outcomes and fewest side effects.  Personalized medicine is having a profound impact on the way physicians approach cancer care and is saving lives. 

Conducting such high-impact research is central to the UC Davis Health System’s mission of improving lives and transforming health care.

This example of high-technology eye care shows a tiny telescope implanted in the place of the eye’s lens to help improve vision in patients with advanced macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness. CentraSight/graphic

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