UC Davis Today: Student assistants to the chancellor offer leadership

Administrator sitting at dining commons table with several students

Student assistants to the chancellor offer leadership

The Student Assistants to the Chancellor program is one of the ways UC Davis gives a voice and listening ear to student perspectives. The special assistants serve as liaisons between their peers and the administration, representing student interests and concerns on a range of issues. 

“We want to hear any and all feedback, suggestions, concerns and questions you have regarding student life,” the special assistants state through their website. In doing so, the program aims to improve the overall student experience and generate better communication with campus leaders. In “Meals with Mrak,” students can join the student assistants for a free breakfast in one of the campus’s dining commons with a UC Davis administrator.

This year’s student assistants are Desiré Campusano and Nick Sidney. Campusano is a senior graduating this June with a double major in sociology and Chicana/o studies. Sidney, also graduating next month, is majoring in international relations with a minor in communication. They hold regular office hours if students want to meet with them. In addition, the chancellor has other student advisory boards

For the 2012-2013 year, the student assistants to the chancellor will be Annemarie Stone (double major in English and American studies), Artem Trotsyuk (major in biological sciences and a minor in writing) and Miguel Espinoza (major in women and gender studies). They are all juniors.

(At the Segundo Dining Commons, administrator and former dean Ken Burtis, far left, listens during a session of Meals with Mrak as Student Assistant Nick Sidney, second from left, discusses an issue. Also present, clockwise from Burtis, are psychology major Jester Jersey, history major Gregory Loh, exercise biology major Christy Tran and economics major Chake're "Star" Bacon. Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis photo)

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