UC Davis Today: Harris Lewin: our 43rd national academy winner

Portrait of Harris Lewin

Harris Lewin: our 43rd national academy member

With the May 1 election of Harris Lewin, vice chancellor for research and professor of evolution and ecology, to the National Academy of Sciences, UC Davis now has 43 members in the national academies. 

Election to the national academies — the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Engineering — is one of the highest honors given to our nation’s scientists, physicians and engineers. Beyond the academies, UC Davis faculty members have garnered numerous major awards and honors, both nationally and internationally. 

Throughout his career, Lewin has been deeply involved in transformative, interdisciplinary research that has the potential to move ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace, where it can help solve real-world problems. As a graduate student at UC Davis, he discovered genetic factors linked to disease resistance in cattle, leading to a patent on a screening test for cattle resistance to leukemia viruses. 

Lewin, who earned his doctorate in immunology at UC Davis in 1984, returned to his alma mater last year as a vice chancellor to oversee the Office of Research.  

Watch the video Cattle, Genomes and the National Academy of Sciences to hear Lewin discuss the research that led to his election to the academy.

(Harris Lewin is the holder of the Robert and Rosabel Osborne Endowed Chair and Professor in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, one of the top ranked departments in that field in the country. Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis photo)

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