UC Davis Today: Educating students to become global citizens

Three women, one man holding human rights journals in front of them

Educating students to become global citizens 

At UC Davis, undergraduate students are thinking creatively and critically about how human rights make a difference in everyday life.

An example is Making the Case, a new human rights journal written and published entirely by UC Davis students. Its inaugural issue includes scholarly essays, poetry, fiction and photography from students in English, anthropology, evolution and ecology, history, and political science.

The university offers an interdisciplinary minor in human rights — students are given flexibility to pursue their studies in this Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies program.

Whether on the subject of human rights in the Americas, the Middle East or beyond, UC Davis is committed to educating students as global citizens and highlighting their voices on some of humanity’s most pressing issues.

(Student editors of the new human rights journal, Making the Case, include, from left, Jazmine Sheppard, Hannah Tigerschiold, Rachel Pevsner (editor-in-chief) and Joe Nijmeh. Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis photo)

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