UC Davis Today: Tutors help students make the grade

Two women in a classroom

Tutors help students make the grade

Sometimes students need tutoring to help them master a variety of academic subjects and study techniques. At UC Davis, the Student Academic Success Center offers free academic assistance from a staff of professional tutors in a diverse range of subjects, including chemistry, biology, mathematics, statistics, physics, writing and English as a second language.

The center offers students seeking that extra edge a wide range of support, including drop-in tutoring, office hours, books, videos, workshops on study strategies and weekly small-group tutoring sessions.

Through programs like this one, UC Davis gives all students the tools to achieve academic success in a supportive environment.

(Friends Alicia Contreras, left, and Yami Rosas work on a math problem during the group drop-in math session at the Learning Skills Center in Dutton Hall. Karin Higgins/UC Davis photo)

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