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Tanzanian children in front of a building smiling and grinding corn

Exploring humanity: Graduate studies in anthropology

The UC Davis graduate program in anthropology is one of the strongest in the nation, offering students a holistic approach to the diverse study of humanity while exposing them to the field’s fundamentals and opportunities for specialization.

Options for study include either evolutionary (archaeology, human behavioral ecology, molecular anthropology, paleoanthropology and primatology) or sociocultural (sociocultural and linguistic) anthropology. Guided by leading faculty, students conduct intensive research in this highly cross-disciplinary field that ranges far and wide intellectually — thinking imaginatively is encouraged.

UC Davis is producing anthropology scholars and educators of the highest professional caliber, generating knowledge for the benefit of humanity — in California and around the world.

(UC Davis anthropology postdoctoral student Emily Fitzherbert, center, and her assistant, Omari, right, consult with a Sukuma hunter as part of a program to stop illegal lion killing. Aditya Swami/copyright photo)

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