UC Davis Today: Learning zoo medicine

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Learning zoo medicine

UC Davis is training the next generation of wildlife veterinarians.

The Zoological Medicine Residency program is one of the premier training programs of its kind in the world. Veterinarians gain advanced residency experience and skills from faculty mentors as they diagnose and treat animals at the Sacramento ZooSan Diego ZooSan Diego Wild Animal Park and SeaWorld.

In the last five years, more than 75 veterinary students have participated in the zoological medicine track.

The zoological medicine program aims to improve the lives of animals in zoos while helping to preserve endangered species worldwide. The Wildlife Health Center in the School of Veterinary Medicine manages the program.

To learn more about zoological medicine, watch the video, Captive Audience: The 21st Century Challenge of Zoo Medicine.

(A male lion at the Sacramento Zoo gets a routine checkup by zoo veterinarians being shadowed by UC Davis vet students. Photo by Karin Higgins/UC Davis.)

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