UC Davis Today: Choices and camaraderie at the Coffee House

Students socialize and eat in the Coffee House

Choices and camaraderie at the Coffee House

The ASUCD Coffee House, or CoHo for short, is one of the largest student-run restaurants in the country, with some 7,000 customers per day — making it the central “hub” of UC Davis student life. 

The CoHo’s made-from-scratch menu options, prepared and served by students for the campus community, include pho and curry soup, sushi, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, salads, bagels, coffee, pastries, Tex-Mex, breakfast burritos and a hot food line. Since 1968, the CoHo has given students affordable, tasty food and a prime gathering place in the heart of campus.

A recent renovation expanded the CoHo’s food choices, seating and environmentally friendly features. The restaurant uses its purchasing power to support sustainable companies, and it now labels local and organic items to show where the customer’s food selections come from and how they were made.

This year, the CoHo opened a branch site — the CoHo South Café  — in the new Student Community Center where people can find pastries, breakfast, lunch sandwiches and the amazing, towering  “Quad Stack.”

Watch a slideshow and read more about the Coho.

(Students enjoying themselves at the remodeled "CoHo." Photo by Martin H. Wong/UC Davis.)

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