UC Davis Today: Sustainability at UC Davis

Lighting engineer tests an LED retrotfit kit for outdoor lighting fixtures

Sustainability at UC Davis

UC Davis this week welcomes nearly 1,000 people from more than 70 higher education institutions, mostly in California, to share best practices in sustainable planning at the 11th annual California Higher Education Sustainability Conference that runs from June 18 through 22.  

Simultaneously, UC Davis is unveiling one of the most advanced lighting systems in the country, as the next step forward in the university’s Sustainable 2nd Century. The university, which turned 100 in 2008, has committed itself to becoming  a global model for sustainability.

The new lighting system is important to cutting the university’s lighting energy use by 60 percent, and also to show how an institution like UC Davis can meet California’s anticipated requirement in 2014 that all new, nonresidential construction have adaptive lighting.

It’s all part of the many steps that UC Davis is taking to show how Americans can integrate sustainable practices and technology into their daily lives. To learn more, view a brochure on UC Davis Global Leadership in Sustainability or visit the Sustainable 2nd Century site.

California Lighting Technology Center engineer My Nguyen tests an LED retrofit kit for outdoor lighting fixtures. The work is part of UC Davis' Smart Lighting Initiative, an ambitious effort to reduce energy use for lighting on campus 60 percent by 2015.   Kathreen Fontecha/UC Davis photo

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