UC Davis Today: Solar-smart campus

Silhouette of worker with drill with UC Davis water tower in background

Solar-smart campus

UC Davis is installing more than 1,200 solar energy collector panels in a parking lot immediately south of the campus’s south entry parking structure near the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science.

This is one of seven campus sites where the university is installing solar panels to feed its electrical system and reduce its carbon footprint. The combined first-year output from all seven sites is estimated at 1.1 million kilowatt-hours, or 1,100 megawatt-hours — enough power to serve two large campus buildings for an entire year.

It’s all part of UC Davis’ commitment to sustainability, which makes the university a destination and model for sustainable change. Learn more about UC Davis progress in using its strengths in research, teaching and public service to create a better campus — and future for all.

(Photo of an electrician working the wiring for solar panels in the parking lot near the south entry parking structure by Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

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