UC Davis today: Feeding people, fighting disease

child in Africa

Feeding people, fighting disease: Graduate studies in nutritional biology

UC Davis is improving the lives of people around the world by training future scientists in nutritional biology.

Nutritional biology draws upon several disciplines to understand the relationships between food, nutrients and human health. Led by highly accomplished scholars, the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology is designed to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of nutrition, as they specialize in subjects such as international and community nutrition, biotechnology and biophotonics.

With graduate programs like nutritional biology, UC Davis is helping to lead the fight against malnutrition, obesity, disease and other life-threatening conditions.

Students interested in graduate studies in nutritional biology should apply soon. The deadline is April 1 for final consideration.

(Children in Africa could be assured of healthier lives through the efforts of a UC Davis-led research consortium, funded by a $16 million Gates Foundation grant. Read the full story at UC Davis Magazine. Photo by Steve Vost)

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