UC Davis Today: CSI at UC Davis

two students in a lab

CSI at UC Davis: Masters of Science in Forensic Science

UC Davis is training the next generation of leaders in crime solving through its Master of Science in Forensic Science program. The only degree of its kind in the UC system, this rigorous program offers students a research-based education in how to use the latest analytical tools, lab procedures and computer methods on forensic issues like DNA and blood analysis.

Designed to accommodate working professionals, students can enroll in the program on a part-time basis and keep their jobs while they study. After the two-year program, students emerge with a solid knowledge of the field’s most sophisticated methodologies, typically finding jobs in local, state, federal and private crime labs.

Students interested in graduate study in forensic science should apply now. The deadline for priority consideration is Feb. 1. The final deadline is March 1, 2012.

(Photo of Katerina Doneva and Khang Vuong, graduate students studying forensic science at UC Davis, by Karin Higgins/UC Davis.)

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