UC Davis Today: Examining the Earth

a woman stands at the top of a sand dune

Examining the Earth: Graduate studies in geology

UC Davis has one of the nation’s top 20 earth science programs, offering geology graduate students a wealth of opportunities to grow as scholars, researchers and teachers.

Guided by engaged and expert faculty, students study core issues like crust and mantle evolution, paleobiology and environmental and resource geology, while taking advantage of the program’s excellent facilities, technology and field sites.

The location of UC Davis is ideal, close to the many “natural laboratories” of California and the western United States.

Graduates emerge with a deep, interdisciplinary knowledge of the Earth and how human life has shaped it, as well as understanding the other planets. It is another way that UC Davis is advancing humanity’s comprehension of its surrounding environment.

Students interested in geology graduate studies should apply now. The deadline is Jan. 15 for final consideration.

(Photo of Professor of Geology Isabel Montanez. Courtesy.)

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