UC Davis Today: Cultivating future plant biologists

Plant biology doctoral student Barbara Blanco examining tomato plants

Cultivating future plant biologists

UC Davis is a world leader in plant biology, educating the next generation of scientists in the study of plants at all levels.

Whether testing tomatoes to figure how prone they are to disease or unlocking the secrets of plant diversity, students benefit from an enriched learning environment, world-class facilities and renowned faculty. Undergraduates learn about the fundamental aspects of how plants function as organisms and interact with their environments. In the Plant Biology Graduate Group, options for emphasis include cell and developmental biology; environmental and integrative biology; molecular biology, biochemistry, and genomics; and systematics and evolutionary biology.

Advancing knowledge in plant biology is yet another way that UC Davis is improving the quality of life worldwide.

(Photo of plant biology doctoral student Barbara Blanco examining tomato plants for their susceptibility to fungal pathogens at the Orchard Park research greenhouses. Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

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