UC Davis Today: Studies in genetics explore wonder of life

Woman and a man in a green house surrounded by plants

Studies in genetics explore wonder of life

UC Davis' highly ranked genetics graduate program offers students a wide range of research and instructional experiences at all levels. 

Students in the Genetics Graduate Group learn to apply genomic, molecular and classical genetic approaches to study model organisms, native and agricultural species, humans and companion animals. Led by more than 100 faculty members from 25 departments across campus, the program allows for multiple research opportunities ranging from the most fundamental to applied aspects of genetics. Courses are designed to provide a broad understanding of all areas of modern genetics, including molecular, quantitative, and population genetics, as well as genomics and bioinformatics. 

By advancing societal knowledge and training future professionals in genetics, UC Davis is enriching the quality of life in the 21st century. The benefits of genetics research are profound — improved agriculture, better medical treatments and cures for disease, and the chance to lead healthier and longer lives, to name just some. 

Thanks to the university’s more than 90 graduate degree programs, students in all fields have opportunities to grow, learn and achieve in their chosen careers. 

Graduate students Donnelly West, left, and Tyson Howell are studying the genetics of plants, specifically wheat, rice and tomato. Karin Higgins/UC Davis photo 

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