UC Davis Today: Training the next generation: pharmacology and toxicology

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Training the next generation: pharmacology and toxicology

Graduate students aspiring to careers in pharmacology and toxicology will discover a top-ranked program at UC Davis that is shaping public health in the areas of environmental toxicology and risk factors, drug interactions and disease treatment.

Interdisciplinary and rigorous, the Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Group consists of both master and doctoral degree tracks. Under the leadership of top faculty, students combine coursework and experimental training to study a broad range of issues, including cardiovascular pharmacology, cancer therapeutics, neuropharmacology, drug discovery and design, neurotoxicology, pulmonary toxicology and environmental toxicology.

The program provides significant research and graduate student resources. At every level, students benefit from a positive and dynamic learning environment with cutting-edge technologies in imaging, analytical chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, physiology and systems biology.

Thanks to UC Davis’ more than 90 graduate degree programs, students have a wide range of opportunities to grow, learn and achieve in their chosen careers. 

Diana Lac, a doctoral student in pharmacology and toxicology, demonstrates how to take images of cell penetrating peptides in the laboratory of Kit Lam, a professor of biochemistry and molecular medicine. Karin Higgins/UC Davis photo

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