UC Davis Today: Creating innovators for the marketplace

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Creating innovators for the marketplace

UC Davis is working to make sure that research breakthroughs move to the marketplace for the public good.

One such breakthrough came from student innovator Lorna De Leoz. A doctoral candidate in chemistry, she develops technology to diagnose infants and children with potentially fatal diseases. In 2010, the company that she and her fellow students launched, Pedianostics, won the “People’s Choice” Prize in UC Davis’ Big Bang! competition.

De Leoz was inspired to take what she was doing in the lab to the market after attending the Food + Health Entrepreneurship Academy at UC Davis. 

Watch a video on De Leoz discussing how UC Davis helped her become an entrepreneur.

(Lorna De Leoz, a chemistry doctoral student, co-founded a company called Pedianostics to develop better diagnostic tests and treatments for childhood diseases. Thomas Ushing/UC Davis photo)

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