UC Davis Today: Making a mark through art

Woman painter sizing her subject with a pencil

Making a mark through art

Undergraduate students in UC Davis’ art and art history department benefit from study under distinguished professors. Faculty like Annabeth Rosen, Lucy Puls and Gina Werfel have all made an impact on the art world.

Artistic innovation on campus continues from a tradition launched in the 1960s, when UC Davis faculty were at the forefront of a movement that brought California recognition as an important art center.

Today, cross-cutting disciplines like cinema and technocultural studies allow for expression and understanding across all modern media. Beyond art and new media, students in the Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies examine cultures through the study of languages, literatures, music, theater and dance. With research and classroom learning opportunities in the arts and humanities, UC Davis is educating students for success in a changing world.

(Student Alejandra Perez, an art and anthropology major, sizes up the models during an figure painting class with Professor Gina Werfel. Each student was working their vision into the setting and the light they saw. Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis photo)

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