UC Davis Today: Hands-on education in engineering

a student uses a drill in a mechanical engineering class

Hands-on education in engineering 

The UC Davis College of Engineering offers a top-ranked undergraduate education based on strong fundamentals and hands-on experience, providing students the tools they need for success in a fast-changing, complex world.

Undergraduate students can take advantage of numerous learning opportunities through clubs, research, design competitions, internships and classroom projects. They work on solving problems in energy efficiency, alternative fuels, transportation, structural design and medical systems, among other areas. Examples of student projects include building bridges, creating mobile apps, and developing hybrid race cars and robotics.

The undergraduate program offers majors in aerospace, biochemical, biological systems, biomedical, chemical, materials science, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical and optical science engineering. Graduates are addressing some of our nation’s most challenging technical problems and making a difference in the quality of life for people in California and beyond.

(Rob Mitchell, a third-year student in mechanical and materials science engineering, builds a gyroscope in the student engineering lab in Bainer Hall. Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis photo)

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