UC Davis today: Environmental studies

A UC Davis researcher works on a boat in Lake Tahoe

The leader in environmental studies

UC Davis is 1st among universities nationwide in the number of faculty papers published in the field of ecology and the environment.

Our faculty researchers are tackling a wide range of environmental issues, from global warming to alternative fuels to combatting invasive species. Undergraduate students can engage in environmental studies from a range of majors. UC Davis is renowned for watershed sciences and, since 1968, our scientists and their students have continuously monitored the Lake Tahoe basin, providing options for restoration and management through groundbreaking research. It’s yet another example of how UC Davis scientists are helping to protect our world.

Beyond research, the UC Davis commitment to the environment and sustainability is reflected in several rankings that put the university in the top group of green institutions.

(Photo of Brant C. Allen, field lab director and boat captain for the Tahoe Environmental Research Center, collecting air and water samples in Lake Tahoe in June 2007 by Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

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