UC Davis Today: Inventive minds

Professor Harry Cheng

Inventive minds: Graduate studies in mechanical and aeronautical engineering

At UC Davis, graduate students in mechanical and aeronautical engineering go beyond the traditional boundaries in one of the highest-ranked programs of its kind. Guided by a multidisciplinary spirit, students partner with faculty to jointly design and test prototypes related to aerospace, energy and the environment, nanomaterials and the computational sciences — like the “iMobot,” an intelligent, reconfigurable modular robot.

Whether in the lab, lecture hall, classroom or engaged with private industry, learning opportunities abound to turn ideas and technologies into products, services and companies. In educating the next generation of engineers, UC Davis is delivering top-flight engineering knowledge to the marketplace and to society.

Students interested in graduate studies in mechanical and aeronautical engineering should apply now. The deadline is December 15 for priority consideration; the final deadline is February 15, 2012.

(Photo of Harry Cheng, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, with the “iMobot” that he developed with a former student, Graham Ryland, by Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

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