Aggie Evolution: Gunrock

Gunrock mascot in the Picnic Day parade
Gunrock at the horse barn on the UC Davis campus, 1921

Talk about an Aggie evolution. The “Aggie” name and logo have a deep and rich history at UC Davis. The horse symbol dates back to 1921 and a stud Thoroughbred named Gunrock who supplied high-quality stock for the U.S. Army — and who also gave rise to the identity mark that UC Davis used in one variation or another through the upcoming decades.

In 1998, UC Davis for the first time set out to create a consistent logo set to support its successful NCAA sports programs. A year later, after extensive design and collaborations, the university rolled out the official family of athletic marks that stand today. Four years later, students voted to choose “Gunrock” as the official university mascot and ambassador — you’ll see him at Aggie sporting events.