UC Davis students can study film in many ways, ranging from learning its history and theory to making documentaries in the Cinema and Digital Media Program. For more advanced filmmakers, pursuing an M.F.A. in the Art Studio Program. In addition, throughout the year, film fans can see student productions and professionally made videos in a variety of venues:

UC Davis Film Festival

This annual event is produced by the Department of Theatre and Dance and presented by the Davis Varsity Theatre in association with UC Davis Technocultural Studies, and co-sponsored by Film Studies and Art Studio. The festival gives students the opportunity to showcase their short films and receive feedback.

The Davis Feminist Film Festival

This annual grassroots festival of short films features filmmakers from around the world. Drawing on narrative, documentary and experimental styles, the films focus on issues often missing from mainstream media and highlight the links between local and global social struggles.

Hemispheric Institute on the Americas

Through the academic year, the institute features box-office hits, art films and documentaries from Central and South America. Most of the films are in Spanish or Portuguese with English subtitles.

UC Davis Entertainment Council (Facebook)

Check in on the Entertainment Council’s Facebook page to keep current on films being screened, often for free, on campus.