Overview (organizational chart)

Major administrative units

Academic Personnel

Serving as the major personnel office for the academic side of the house, this office provides leadership and oversight for the recruiting, appointing, advancing and retaining our faculty.

Administrative and Resource Management

The Office of Administration merged with the Office of Resource Management and Planning effective Oct. 1, 2009, into the Division of Administrative and Resource Management.

The new division supports the Davis campus in three broad areas: resource planning and finance, facilities and land management, and safety services. Its responsibilities include developing the campus budget; planning, designing, operating and stewarding the campus’s physical and natural resources; managing human resources; and providing for the health and safety of the campus community and its visitors.

Development and Alumni Relations

Development and Alumni Relations is engaged in helping UC Davis reach its potential through philanthropic support and in supporting UC Davis alumni and retirees to maintain a lifelong connection to the university.

University Communications

Graduate Studies

As an advocate for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, this office also supports the faculty and staff members engaged in graduate education, and administers policies affecting graduate studies.

Health System

Our integrated academic health system encompasses the UC Davis School of Medicine, the hospital and clinical services of UC Davis Medical Center, and the 800-member physician group known as UC Davis Medical Group.

Information and Educational Technology

This unit provides leadership and coordination for all aspects of campuswide IT policy and planning, and provides support in the areas of communication networking, telecommunications, computing, and instructional technology and digital media services.


This unit is the primary office for matters related to research and other externally sponsored programs, research compliance, and patenting and licensing of campus intellectual property.

Resource Management and Planning

The Office of Resource Management and Planning merged with the Office of Administration, effective Oct. 1, 2009, into Administrative and Resource Management.

Student Affairs

This large unit delivers student support and services, ranging from admissions and housing to financial aid and athletics.

Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies administers academic issues relevant to undergraduate education.

University Outreach and International Programs

Two major areas at the university--continuing, distance and lifelong learning; and international research and educational activities and programs--receive leadership and support from this unit.

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