UC Davis Today: Exploring the frontiers of physics

Graphic of exploding light with many gold lines

Exploring the frontiers of physics

UC Davis students have the opportunity to meet internationally renowned physicists, including a Nobel Prize winner, on Saturday, April 6, during Frontiers of Physics: Higgs, Dark Energy and Black Holes

Four leading physicists — Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek (MIT), Maxwell Chertok (UC Davis), Michael S. Turner (University of Chicago) and Leonard Susskind (Stanford University) will give public lectures.

Saturday’s event begins at 10 a.m. and runs until 3.30 p.m. It is followed with a book signing by Wilczek (The Lightness of Being) and Susskind (The Theoretical Minimum). Tickets are $15 ($7 students), and they include a box lunch. 

Besides visits of physicists from around the world, UC Davis students benefit from our stellar faculty on research on a wide range of topics, including elementary particle physics, nanophysics and superconductivity, and the structure and evolution of the entire universe.

This graphic showing traces of particles colliding was shown at the Universe of Particles exhibition of the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva. European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)/courtesy graphic

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