UC Davis Today: History scholars educate our world

history scholar in front of train tracks

History scholars educate our world

Alumni from UC Davis’ highly ranked history graduate program are forging successful careers in higher education as well as public history where they provide expertise to government agencies, museums and K-12 education programs.

The department has earned a national reputation in early American, environmental and Latin American history, and the well-regarded faculty includes Pulitzer Prize winning colonial historian Alan Taylor and other accomplished scholars.

The department’s research strengths are broad: modern East Asian history; Jewish history; the 19th and 20th century political, social and labor history of the U.S.; African American history; Mexican American history; early modern and modern European and Russian history; Latin American social and cultural history; European, U.S. and East Asian cultural and intellectual history; the comparative and cross-cultural history of women; and social theory and comparative history. 

By advancing knowledge in history and creating future leaders in this field, UC Davis is improving the quality of life for people throughout the world.

Thanks to the university’s more than 90 graduate degree programs, students in all fields at UC Davis have opportunities to grow, learn and achieve in their chosen careers.

History graduate student Nick Perrone, shown near the California Train Museum in Sacramento, focuses on labor and the environment, including historical effects from railroad activities. Karin Higgins/UC Davis photo

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