Taking the initiative

Carly Sandstrom

Carly Sandstrom

Major: International relations and economics

Anticipated graduation year: 2014

Hometown: San Diego, Calif.

Courage defines student government president Carly Sandstrom.

Shortly before college, the tide was against her. Her family lost its home to a bank foreclosure even as her mother battled chronic health issues. Many might have fallen off course.

But against those odds, Sandstrom chose to steer her own course at UC Davis — and the campus has benefited from her energy in many ways. Sandstrom ran successfully for student body president, served on a health task force and led fundraising efforts for needy students. Along the way, she took up the challenge of a double major in international relations and economics.

In a time of great uncertainty, Sandstrom remained sure of her direction, and that’s an example we can all follow.

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