Campus safety and managing emergencies


Emergency Services

Intervention programs

Counseling services

At UC Davis, the safety of the entire university community — students staff, faculty and visitors — is a top priority. The university has a comprehensive emergency management program and its own full-service police and fire departments.

Counseling centers provide mental health services, and the university has special teams that intervene with troubled or troubling students and employees before situations escalate.

In addition, UC Davis’ long-established Center for Advocacy and Education (CARE) is nationally recognized for its work to reduce incidents of sexual assault and serve survivors. A number of programs promote safety through an escort program, a taxi service for students who have had too much to drink and self-defense classes.

Campus safety and emergency FAQ

Wonder how the campus is prepared for emergencies? What are the circumstances in which UC Davis will contact the parents? These and many other important questions about how we manage safety and emergency issues are answered. [more…]

Emergency communication: Be prepared to play your part (brochure PDF)

Notifications about emergencies

UC Davis provides life-saving and other important information during emergencies. Learn about these various ways and sign up for alerts. [more…]