Emergency Notifications

Notifications and information about emergencies

UC Davis is prepared to meet the need for urgent communication as part of its comprehensive emergency management program. We have multiple ways to distribute life-saving and other important information in major emergencies.

Be prepared to play your part. Familiarize yourself with these communication methods. For those that require your contact information in advance, sign up now.

And learn more about campus safety and emergency management.

UC Davis WarnMe and Aggie Alert

  • Notifications about emergencies and other incidents


  • University home page
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


  • Emergency Status Line (530) 752-4000

News Media

  • KFBK (1530 AM, 93.1 FM) and other news media

Notifications for emergencies and other incidents

UC Davis uses UC Davis WarnMe and Aggie Alert messages to provide faculty, staff, students and other subscribers with timely information during emergencies and other events. To learn more about the services and provide contact information, visit UC Davis WarnMe and Aggie Alert.

Parents and others without UC Davis email accounts can subscribe at the community registration page.


University home page

UC Davis posts information about major campus emergencies and other news on the UC Davis home page. News can also be found on the UC Davis News and Information page.


UC Davis is able to send emergency bulletins to its “fans” on Facebook. If you aren’t already a member, join Facebook. Then you’ll be able to visit UC Davis’ main Facebook site and click through to become a fan. Then watch for bulletins.


UC Davis posts emergency information to its Twitter account. With a Twitter account, follow @UCDavis or visit twitter.com/UCDavis.


Emergency Status Line (530) 752-4000

The campus Emergency Status Line provides callers with a recorded telephone message about the status of the campus in an emergency. In the event of an emergency, the recording indicates the emergency’s nature, brief instructions and another source of information, such as the UC Davis home page. Callers dial (530) 752-4000.

News media

KFBK (1530 AM, 93.1 FM) and other news media

UC Davis works directly with the news media to broadly disseminate information about emergencies and provide direction to students, employees and others. KFBK in Sacramento is the designated station for initiating broadcast of Emergency Alert System messages for several Northern California counties. The station has a large coverage area and offers live audio streaming on its website.