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Aggie Pack rallies the team

Photo: stadium student fans cheering

Aggie fans are key to UC Davis athletic teams’ success. Cheering crowds inspire teams to win. And the more noise, the more Aggie Pride!

Aggie Pack is the easiest and best way for students to support UC Davis athletics. And, by joining Aggie Pack, students can participate in the largest university spirit organization in the nation.

“UC Davis has set the standard in the academic world and now, it's up to you, the UC Davis student, to be the standard in support of the quest for athletic championships,” says the Aggie Pack website.

Students are urged to show their Aggie Pride by attending athletic contests, wearing Aggie blue and filling up the Aggie Pack student section with “the craziest, most devoted fans in the NCAA.”

To join the Aggie Pack for free, simply attend any Aggie Pack athletic event. Check in, get a free Aggie blue T-shirt and be ready to cheer your lungs out.

New turf welcomes eager Aggies

By Mike Robles

Head football coach Ron Gould could hardly hold back his team.

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