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  • man looking at an Australian walking stick insect on his hand

    You don’t have to be an animal science or entomology major at UC Davis…

  • River otter surfacing from a pond

    … to discover river otters in the Arboretum Waterway …

  • Butterfly on a bush

    … delight in the painted lady butterflies on your way to class …

  • duck on a sidewalk next to a woman walking in Uggs (legs only showing)

    … or walk with the ducks.

  • Goats in a paddock staring at the camera

    But, if you have dreams about working with animals, UC Davis is the best place to study goats …

  • Pig face first looking through a barred pen

    … learn about pigs …

  • Honey bee approaching a big flower

    … study honeybees and other insects that are helping us feed the world …

  • Woman washing a cow

    … get familiar with dairy cows and …

  • Woman walking a horse in a paddock

    … prepare yourself as a horse professional.

  • Bald eagle on a perch in a cage

    You can also study wildlife by checking out bald eagles and other recovering birds at the Raptor Center…

  • White egret standing on a bank next to a pond

    … and discover white egrets fishing along the arboretum.

  • Squirrel running across a road

    Then again, taking photos of your favorite squirrel may be just what you need to connect to the UC Davis animal world.

One California, One UC Davis

For the goat fans

Walking sticks, eagles and goats — oh, my!

By Maria Walker

When you are on the UC Davis campus you are never really alone, even if there isn’t another human in sight. That’s because UC Davis has millions of other species sharing our environment.

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