Be Heard: Campus Community Survey

Fourth iPad and more gift cards awarded

The Davis campus has awarded its fourth and final set of prizes — an iPad and 35 gift cards — in the Campus Community Survey, choosing the winners from among students, staff and faculty who completed the survey.

Also today (March 12), the survey team reported a response rate so far of 36.6 percent for the Davis and Sacramento campuses combined. The survey officially closes Friday.

More prizes are still to come from the UC Office of the President, which is waiting for the survey to close all around the system.

The Davis campus gave away four iPads, the last one to Kevin Vellanoweth, a programmer in Administrative and Resource Management. 

Week 4 gift card winners:

  • James Chan, faculty
  • Mary Flint, faculty
  • Angela Ignoffo, undergraduate
  • Fany Vanegas, undergraduate
  • Ana Grodzki, faculty
  • Katherine Benedict, staff
  • John Roth, faculty
  • Xiangyu Kong, graduate-professional
  • Aaron Pereira, undergraduate
  • Alan Olmstead, faculty
  • Elizabeth Bishop, staff
  • Elbridge Puckett, faculty
  • Brian Slininger, graduate-professional
  • Gerald Miller, staff
  • Daniel Sperka, staff
  • Ines Hernandez-Avila, faculty
  • Chan Saetern, undergraduate
  • Robert Burnett, staff
  • Ong Ming Ee, graduate-professional
  • Rebecca Fong, undergraduate
  • Nick Valvo, graduate-professional
  • Sarah Higgins, graduate-professional
  • Eric Rauchway, faculty
  • George Roussas, faculty
  • Randolph Siverson, faculty
  • Zhengmao Liu, graduate-professional
  • Pia van Benthem, staff
  • Gail Goodman, faculty
  • Downey Her, undergraduate
  • Cristina Sandoval, undergraduate
  • Michael Winter, staff
  • Manuel Gomez Navarro, graduate-professional
  • Adam Blattler, graduate-professional
  • Igor Vorobyov, staff
  • Christine Austin, undergraduate

Geology research associate wins iPad

The Campus Community Survey by the numbers:

28 percent response rate combined for the Davis and Sacramento campuses, as of this morning (Feb. 25).

105 gift cards awarded on the Davis campus — each worth $25.

3 iPads given away on the Davis campus, the third one today to Gregory Baxter, staff research associate in the Department of Geology. “It was quite a surprise,” he said by email. “I didn’t really pay any attention to the incentives-prizes for completing the survey, so winning something was totally unexpected.

“I think the survey’s goals are admirable and the survey seemed very comprehensive and thorough.”

Baxter is a UC Davis alumnus, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in geology in 1995 and going to work for the department soon thereafter.

He is in charge of the Thin Section Laboratory, where his work “entails making various types of polished mounts of rocks, minerals, shells and synthetic compounds for investigation-analysis using microscopes, electron microprobe, laser ablation mass spectroscopy, etc.”

“Essentially, I do specialized preparations of materials so that researchers can do their research.”

There are more prizes to come in Davis campus and systemwide drawings, all meant to encourage participation in the survey. See all the prizes for the Davis and Sacramento campuses, and the prizes to be awarded systemwide.

Week 3 gift card winners:

  • Sebastian Winter, staff
  • Ning Pan, faculty
  • Andrea Lingenfelter, faculty
  • Larry Cowgill, faculty
  • Paul Doty, staff
  • Marcia Booth, staff
  • Michael Kent, faculty
  • Chun Su, undergraduate
  • Kelsey Zoller, undergraduate
  • Weiling Zhu, undergraduate
  • Mindy Nelson, graduate-professional
  • Charles Brummitt, graduate-professional
  • Monica Beamish, staff
  • Allison Dedrick, graduate-professional
  • Daniel Tecson, undergraduate
  • Jean VanderGheynst, faculty
  • Jonathan White, undergraduate
  • Michelle Baker, staff
  • Stephanie Maroney, graduate-professional
  • Jenella Loye, staff
  • Rebecca Douglas, undergraduate
  • Ann Orel, faculty
  • Prabhakara Choudary, faculty
  • Melinda Curry, staff
  • Sydney Vergis, graduate-professional
  • Jaspreet Kaur, undergraduate
  • Romina Sacchi, staff
  • Mitchell Olson, graduate-professional
  • Victor Cairel, undergraduate
  • Susan Pike, graduate-professional
  • Kerry Enright, faculty
  • Derek Gagnon, graduate-professional
  • Sandra McPherson, faculty
  • Nathan Sistek, undergraduate
  • Aurora Flanagan, graduate-professional

Another iPad, more gift cards awarded

Ben Emerzian, a third-year student from Fresno, didn’t wait long to pick up the iPad he won in the second prize drawing for people who have completed the Campus Community Survey.

He visited the Office of Campus Community Relations within hours of getting an email notifying him of his win. But he hesitated when asked to take off the plastic wrap and open the box so he could hold up his iPad for a photo.

“I’m thinking about selling it to help pay for tuition,” said Emerzian, who is majoring in psychology.

Undergraduates who complete the survey also have a shot at a $10,000 scholarship, to be awarded somewhere in the UC system once the survey closes.

For now, UC Davis is holding prize drawings of its own to give away a total of four iPads and 140 gift cards, each worth $25: Aggie gift cards, UC Davis Stores gift cards and others for Starbucks and restaurants, iTunes and gas. See all the prizes for the Davis and Sacramento campuses, and the prizes to be awarded systemwide.

Week 2 gift card winners:

  • Michael Clearwater, graduate-professional
  • Charrise Newkirk, undergraduate
  • D. Michael Ramos, graduate-professional
  • Audra Wilson, staff
  • James Murray, faculty
  • Tingjuan Gao, faculty
  • Danielle Gordillo, staff
  • Paul-Michael Sosa, staff
  • Annika Carlson, graduate-professional
  • Montserrat Castaneda, undergraduate
  • Andee Press-Dawson, staff
  • Brenda Schildgen, faculty
  • Emily Hubbard, undergraduate
  • Anhthy Nguyen, undergraduate
  • Sheung Wah Lim, undergraduate
  • Leslie Flores, undergraduate
  • David Maggs, faculty
  • Abigail Thompson, faculty
  • Matthew Matuszak, staff
  • John Bruhn, faculty
  • Claire Ucler, graduate-professional
  • Amin Afshar, graduate-professional
  • Laura Sawyer, staff
  • Galina Malovichko, graduate-professional
  • Qifeng Liao, graduate-professional
  • Ibrahim Abdallah, staff
  • Matthew Stratton, faculty
  • Amber Sanchez, graduate-professional
  • Rachel Myers, undergraduate
  • Leslie Baehr, staff
  • Elyse Lord, faculty
  • Juan Pablo Toro, graduate-professional
  • Kelsey Frey, undergraduate
  • Susan Keen, faculty
  • Laura Flynn, graduate-professional

1st set of prize winners announced

“Be Heard!” That is the rallying cry for the Campus Community Survey, which is gathering a variety of data related to work, life and learning.

“We want to know about your experiences and what we can do to make them better,” said Rahim Reed, associate executive vice chancellor for Campus Community Relations.

That is reason enough to take the survey. But, if you need more incentive, how about an iPad or a $25 gift card, or a scholarship or research grant or a training grant? See all the prizes for the Davis and Sacramento campuses, and the prizes to be awarded systemwide.

Random drawings determine the winners, from among people who have taken the survey.

The Davis campus is awarding prizes throughout the survey. Thursday (Feb. 7), one week in, the Office of Campus Community Relations announced the first set of winners.

Top prize of an iPad went to Kathy Henderson, director of prospect management and research in the Office of University Development.

Gift cards were awarded as follows:

  • Nadia Rojas Marquez, graduate-professional
  • Hugh Dingle, faculty
  • Vincent D’Antonio, staff
  • Eva Li, undergraduate
  • Kristopher Kalish, graduate-professional
  • Wendy Ho, faculty
  • Elise Fairbairn, staff
  • Robert Lorber, faculty
  • Emily MaCway, graduate-professional
  • Savino Revales, staff
  • Garrett DeHond graduate-professional
  • Jae Seung Lee, faculty
  • Sean Owens, faculty
  • Rachael Daniel, undergraduate
  • Gerald Russell, faculty
  • Alex Ohlendorf, graduate-professional
  • Samuel Blanco, staff
  • Julie Wyatt, undergraduate
  • Aimee Fountain, graduate-professional
  • Athanasios Geromichalos, faculty
  • Anne Senter, graduate-professional
  • Hailun Zhao, undergraduate
  • Brittany Sattler, undergraduate
  • Chelsey Grassfield, graduate-professional
  • Sofia Hodjat, undergraduate
  • Henry Pascual, undergraduate
  • Jordan Blough, graduate-professional
  • Diana La, staff
  • Vidur Dewan, undergraduate
  • Kim Doan, staff
  • Robert Feenstra, faculty
  • Carlos Puente, faculty
  • Tristan Eifler, graduate-professional
  • Dean Simonton, faculty
  • Joshua Croft, undergraduate