Cultural events and programs

Cultural events and programs

Culture comes in many guises at UC Davis: ethnic, educational, political, religious, musical, professional and recreational, to list just a few. Our festivals celebrate our past and future, our values and our diversity, while the many student programs offer both leadership and participation to our students.

Picnic Day

Picnic Day is the campus’s annual open house, drawing 50,000 or more visitors. The day showcases UC Davis: its teaching, research, music, art, fashion design and many other cultural programs.

Culture Days

Festivals throughout the spring celebrate the cultures of African Americans, Asian-Pacific Islanders, Latinos, Native Americans and those of mixed heritage.

Whole Earth Festival

This annual festival with its roots in the late 1960s, brings a mellow karma, zero waste and lots of music, crafts and activities to UC Davis each May.

Campus Community Book Project

The Campus Community Book Project, created after Sept. 11 to promote dialogue and build community, encourages diverse community members each year to read the same book and attend related events.

Center for Student Involvement

You can find your niche with help from this center that oversees all student clubs.

Education Abroad Center

This center assists UC Davis students in realizing their goal of studying, working or volunteering abroad.

Women’s Resources and Research Center

This center provides the space and resources for women to explore the intersections of their identities and develop themselves. Throughout the year, the center hosts classes, exhibitions, plays, programs and presentations. The community is also invited to check out the WRRC library.

Cross-Cultural Center

This center fosters understanding of and appreciation for social justice and the cultures, traditions and histories reflected in the campus community.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center

The campus community is invited to get involved in this center and its many events and programs for students, including Queer Welcome, Pride Week, TransAction Week and a leadership retreat.

International House Davis

This nonprofit organization, which has many ties to the UC Davis campus, promotes respect and appreciation for people and cultures. It encourages a global community by providing many opportunities for cross-cultural interaction and exchange.