Download your UC Davis Mobile app

Photo of the mobile phone showing the screen with the apps

The latest UC Davis Mobile is all the information you'd want at the tip of your fingers. Designed by students for students — and for other smartphone users, of course — the mobile app helps those who need to find their way around the Davis campus, search for courses, view parking information, locate buses in real-time and more.

This free app has been created from the ground up with the ability to update itself automatically, ensuring that the user sees the latest, most accurate data at any time. The newest version is now available for all iPhone users. An Android version is in the works.

The update was created by UC Davis students and alumni after being set in motion by Professor Ken Joy's Intro to iPad Development course in fall quarter 2010.

To find out more about the course, listen to the classroom lectures on iTunes U.

You can also link up with the UC Davis students who developed the app and other users on the UC Davis Mobile Application Facebook page.

If you have a UC Davis-related mobile app, contact Susanne Rockwell at